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Elias Brown conducts Ligeti & Naqvi

Friday 21 September 2018, 7.30pm
Duke's Hall, at Royal Academy of Music, NW1 5HT

Qasim Naqvi Preamble (2015, UK Premiere)

  1. Preamble

  2. Meg Erase Meta

  3. Children of the Drawer Pt. 1 + Imagined Garages Pt. 2

  4. Behind Stars

  5. Aero

György Ligeti Chamber Concerto for 13 Instrumentalists (1969-70)

  1. Corrente (Fließend)

  2. Calmo, sostenuto

  3. Movimento preciso e meccanico

  4. Presto

Featuring the Ondine Quartet, the Lyrus Winds, and featured guests.

Free, no tickets required

More information here

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